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Which Game&Watch items are copied? (Part 3)

Packaging of the batteries

Let's start with the most obvious: On the back side there is a date stamped. On the original ones this date is in black color (Picture 12), on the copies it's imprinted in the same color like the other text there (Picture 13).
Original: Date is black
Picture 12 - Original
Copy: Color of the date is the same like the colour of the text
Picture 13 - Copy

There are three characteristics on the front side. The blister of the original packaging which holds the batteries, has a thin sort of honeycomb like or a rhomb like pattern underneath (Picture 14). That is missing on the copies (Picture 15). Second, the upper part of the original packaging is less smooth than the one of the copies. Their upper part is plasticized (Picture 15). It's very smooth and it reflects the light much better.
Original: With honeycomb, without plasticization
Picture 14 - Original
Copy: Without honeycomb, but with plasticization
Picture 15 - Copy
A: Copy (too high). B: Original (less hight)
Picture 16 - A: Copy  |  B: Original

Third, there is a difference on the blister itself, but only the ones which hold the LR43 batteries, not the ones holding the LR44 batteries! The copied blister of the LR43 batteries is too high. Probably because it's meant to hold LR44 batteries. And it's generally a little bit too width. But it's not a big difference and not easy to spot.

Unfortunately all three characteristics are not very easy to detect, mostly if the sellers provide bad auction pictures. But latest after you have received the item so you can have a close look at it, it's not very difficult. And the time has come for a complaint...

Battery covers

The copied battery covers are easier to detect. Most of them are of white color and on the upper inside, they have an extra deepening on each corner (Picture 17). Besides that, on the original battery covers the whole in the middle is deeper than the one of the copied ones (Picture 18)
Copy: With deepening in the corners
Picture 17 - Copy: Deepening in the corners
Original: No deepening in the corners
Picture 18 - Original: No deepening in the
corners, the hole in the middle is deeper

There are copied battery covers of different colors as well. Similar to the white copies, they have characteristics on the upper inside. But instead of deepenings, they have two rather deep rings (Picture 19). But be careful: The original battery covers have rings at the same place, but they are less strong and more clean (no plastic residuals). The hole in the middle of the copied battery cover is less deep as well, just like the one on the white copies.
Copy: Rings in the corners
Picture 19 - Copy: Rings in the corners

Advertising material (Flyers)

Because of the modern high tech copy methods, it's very difficult to detect them. A direct comparison is needed. If you know typical characteristics to detect such copies, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., thank you!