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Rare and special G&W games FAQ
by Slash

(edited and complemented by Gawaleus)
Here I'll give you some information about rare and special games. If you think somthing should be added to the list, please let me know, thanks!

KE Mario, distributed via (Danish Toy Company).
Green FIRE. Not a popeye case, labeled as FR-27. There is only one known item and it may have been tampered with, possible fake.
Green Fire.

Argentinian Donkey Kong Jr.
Donkey Kong 2 OEM Box.
Super Mario Bros. YM-105 OEM box.
There are two different versions. One with SUPER MARIO BROS. imprinted below YM105 and one without it. The back side of the box on the left is blank, while the back side of the OEM box below has YM105 imprinted on it as well.
It's believed, that these OEM versions where given away from the distributors to the dealers of electronic games. Maybe the purpose was to find out, if they would like, buy and sell the games. Please let me know if you have any information about the OEM versions, thanks!
The technical information is imprinted upside down on this game. It's real, it's not a fake or a 'Photoshop trick'. This game is the only one I've ever seen. Please check your games, maybe you have one like this as well...?
White Spitball SparkyWhite Spitball Sparky
White Spitball Sparky
Special: the white case. Instead of being silver it's white! So far only a few of such games have been spotted.

- Slash / - Gawaleus