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Which Game&Watch items are copied? (Part 2)


Unfortunately the copied instructions are difficult to spot. Except for those which are printed on colored paper (Picture 8). But there exist copies which are printed on white paper, just like the original instructions. I don't have such a copied instruction to compare it with an original one. If you own copies of instructions, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Copied instructions
Picture 8 - Copy

Papers (Warning sheet, How to Play etc.)

They are easier to detect, because the color of the paper is not the same like the original ones (Pictures 9 and 10). The yellow color of the Caution Sheet is too bright usually or even more like orange color. The color of the fonts is different as well, in most cases rather blue than black (Picture 10).
Copied papers
Picture 9 - Copied papers
Copied papers
Picture 10 - Copied papers

In case you have original papers, compare them to those shown in auctions if you are unsure if they are original or not. Here a picture of original papers:
Original papers
Picture 11 - Original papers

Plastic bags for the games

A hint to detect these is, that the copies are brand new. Most of the original plastic bags are in used condition. But careful: There are original plastic bags who look like new as well, because they have never been used (mint games). Another characteristic of the copies is, that they are very bright and clear. It's possible to look through them very easily. The original ones are sort of light milky shine (but you still can look through them).