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The great Nintendo Handheld Games from the 80's ...!

Number of games: 15
Production: 1982 - 1989
Games: Oil Panic (OP-51), Donkey Kong (DK-52), Mickey & Donald (DM-53), Green House (GH-54), Donkey Kong II (JR-55), Mario Bros. (MW-56), Rain Shower (LP-57), Life Boat (TC-58), Pinball (PB-59), Black Jack (BJ-60), Squish (MG-61), Bomb Sweeper (BD-62), Safe Buster (BD-63), Gold Cliff (MV-64), Zelda (ZL-65).

The fourth series. This series probaly is the most famous. Very special on these games is that they have two displays. Except for three games the gameplay goes from one display to the other. On most games of this series the displays can be open unfold from bottom to the top, but three games are open unfold from left to right: Mario Bros., Rain Shower and Life Boat. These three games have been produced successively and on these three games the gameplay is on both displays at the same time.