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Who copies the items and who sells them?

There are several persons who copies Game&Watch items. The most active one is the eBay member hobbymodel from Thailand. He produces most copies like boxes, styrofoams, packagings of the batteries etc. He used to sell copied Game&Watch advertising flyers as well.

The user lee_yoshi84 offers many of the copied Game&Watch items, which have been produced by hobbymodel.

Another eBay member named picsboutic from France has sold many of hobbymodel's items so far. Additionally it looks like many of the copied papers are manufactured by him as well as the colored instructions. And very often he sells various Game&Watch advertising flyers, but they are cheap colour copies only.

A very active seller from Australia is named chrisant7. He sells the copied items produced by hobbymodel.

If you have more information about the copies This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., thank you! :-)