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  • Promo Game&Watch Fire Bosch

    Promo Game&Watch Bosch

    Fire Bosch

    Game: Fire FR-27, Wide Screen Series
    Logo: Bosch
    Company: Robert Bosch GmbH
    Country: France
    Number of Games known: 1
    The company Robert Bosch GmbH was founded in 1886 in Germany. It is active as a supplier for the automotive industry and manufacturer of durable goods, such as power tools and household appliances. In addition, the company is the world's largest packaging manufacturer. The Robert Bosch GmbH is present in around 50 countries. The game was given away by its subsidiary in France.
    Bosch Logo
  • Promo Game&Watch Fire Dove

    Promo Game&Watch Dove

    Fire Dove

    Game: Fire FR-27, Wide Screen Series
    Logo: Dove
    Company: Unilever
    Country: France
    Number of Games known: 1
    Dove is a brand of personal care products and is owned by the big company Unilever.
    Dove Logo
  • Promo Game&Watch Fire Plessey

    Promo Game&Watch Kardiogramm

    Fire "Plessey"

    Game: Fire FR-27, Wide Screen Series
    Logo: A "Cardiogram"
    Company: Plessey
    Country: England
    Number of Games known: 1
    The game is among collectors known as "cardiogram". The game originally came from a seller from England and it carries the CGL logo. CGL stands for Computer Games Limited. CGL was a company based in London and it was the distributor of Game&Watch and other handheld brands in the UK.

    Update January 28th 2018: The Plessey Company plc was a British-based international electronics, defence and telecommunications company, originated in 1917. In 1989, it was taken over by a consortium formed by GEC and Siemens which split the assets of the Plessey group.
    Source and more information about Plessey: Wiki

    Logo PlesseyPlessey cockpit panelOld Cockpit Panel from a RAF (Royal Air Force) Tornado Fighter
  • Promo Game&Watch Fire Sicli

    Promo Game&Watch Sicli

    Fire Sicli

    Game: Fire FR-27, Wide Screen Series
    Logo: Sicli
    Company: Sicli
    Country: Switzerland(?), France(?)
    Number of Games known: 1
    Sicli is a company based in Geneva (Switzerland). It specializes in fire extinguishing material.
    Sicli Logo