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  • Promo Game&Watch Mario Bros. Campari

    Promo Game&Watch Campari

    Mario Bros. Campari

    Game: Mario Bros. MW-56, Multi Screen Series
    Logo: Campari
    Company: Campari
    Country: Netherlands
    Number of Games known: 1
    Campari is an alcoholic aperitif liqueur of the Italian company Davide Campari-Milano SpA. But this game was given away in the Netherlands. Picture 2, Game closed | Picture 3, box
    Campari Logo
  • Promo Game&Watch Mario Bros. Pokka

    Promo Game&Watch Pokka

    Mario Bros. Pokka

    Game: Mario Bros. MW-56, Multi Screen Series
    Logo: Pokka
    Company: Pokka
    Country: Japan
    Number of Games known: 75-100
    The Japanese company Pokka is active in the areas of beverages, food and hospitality industry. 500 of these promotional games were produced. Such an advertising game could get only those who had collected enough vouchers and then cashed in a particular business. This promo game was packed in a paper that has the Pokka logo imprinted. (Picture).
    Pokka Logo