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Series: Multi Screen
Modelnumber: ZL-65
Release date: 26.08.1989
Produced: 250'000
Weight (unit): ca. 143g
Dimensions: Unit: ca. 116x75x23mm (LxWxH), Display: ca. 54x35mm
Content: Manual, Styrofoam, plastic bag, Warning sheet, Battery stickers
Batteries: LR44
Description: You must fight through dungeons on the Game&Watch's lower screen. Enemies encountered include series staples such as Moblins, Stalfos, and Ghosts. Once complete, the action shifts to the upper screen where battles a dragon, and avoid its fire and tail attacks. Controls limit movement to the left and right; pressing down causes refreshing health with Water of life, pressing up makes him climb the stairs, and the attack button slashes enemies with a sword and also can activate a shield. When is at full health, the sword beam ability occurs. Once completed, the game starts again with the players high score carried over and faster enemies.