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The great Nintendo Handheld Games from the 80's ...!

Here you can see the price stats for all 60 Game&Watch games.

For each chosen game you'll see a chart bar for each month and the average price. You can narrow your selection by choosing the country release and the quality.
If you click on a month's name you'll get the games as a list.

Note: Since January 1st 2014 updating the database is discontinued.
Country release/packaging:
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2013(0 Games)
Average price 2013: 0,00 each game
2012(0 Games)
Average price 2012: 0,00 each game
2011(0 Games)
Average price 2011: 0,00 each game
2010(0 Games)
Average price 2010: 0,00 each game
2009(0 Games)
Average price 2009: 0,00 each game
2008(0 Games)
Average price 2008: 0,00 each game

Quality A = Game boxed. Including all paperwork, manual and batteries. Condition: Mint.
Quality B = Game boxed. Manual, paperwork and batteries may all be included or just partially. Condition: Average up to heavy tear.
Quality C = Game lose. Usually no papers and no batteries. Manual might be included but must not. Condition: Little to heavy tear.