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The great Nintendo Handheld Games from the 80's ...!

Here you can check the rarity of the Games. The calculation is as follows:
The number of the single games as proportion of all games.
Example: If there would be a total of only 100 games in the database and game X does exist once,
then it would be 1%.
The following expressions are used to describe the rarity:
Extremely rare | Very rare | Rare | Average | Common | Very common

Country release/packaging:
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Game: Quality A  Quality B  Quality C  Total

Quality A = Game boxed. Including all paperwork, manual and batteries. Condition: Mint.
Quality B = Game boxed. Manual, paperwork and batteries may all be included or just partially. Condition: Average up to heavy tear.
Quality C = Game lose. Usually no papers and no batteries. Manual might be included but must not. Condition: Little to heavy tear.