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Game&Watch Book

The legend of Game & Watch goes on and on!

The legend of Game & Watch goes on and on!
Soon a new book about the popular Nintendo Game&Watch handheld games from 80s will be published. The following facts are already known:
its title is Der inoffizielle Game&Watch Sammler-Katalog.
The book is produced by the two authors Dave (David) Gschmeidler and Gerhard Meyer. They are from Vienna in Austria. Since their early days they got into videogame culture, design, music and media.

It will still take some time until everything is ready, but has the worldwide exclusive right to report about it already!

The approximately 200 pages strong book which is set up graphically at high level will first published in German and later in English. It covers all topics about the 59 time officially available Game & Watch games and also the 60th Game, the famous yellow Super Mario Bros. YM-901, which was given away in very limited number exclusively to the winners of a competition.
The book also has information about the various G&W promotional items and flyers. Additionally, the book contains a Rarity meter, which provides information on the rarity of the individual games. This is certainly a great help and very interesting for beginners, but also for advanced collectors.

Exciting puzzle
To make the book even more exciting, the two authors have come up with something very special: With the help of the book a few puzzles needs to be solved and the whole puzzling is combined with a specially for this event created website. It will be very interesting!

The release date is still open. But the book will be out this year. It will be released in two different editions. As softcover edition and as a strictly limited hardcover special edition with certificate and serial number. The price for both editions is not yet known.

Over the past 20 months(!) I was assisting both authors with information and pictures about Game&Watch and once in a while I got some little and exclusive insights into the book. I am very excited about the complete work and I know already that this book will inspire people interested in Game&Watch and collectors alike!

Once I have more information I will post it here.

- Gawaleus