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Mr. Game&Watch
The logo of Game&Watch

The great Nintendo Handheld Games from the 80's ...!

Unfortunately more and more copied Game&Watch items do show up on eBay. Mainly it's:

- Box

- Styropore

no-fake-game-and-watch.jpg- Papers (Warning, how to play etc.)

- Plastic bags for the games

- Batteries

- Battery cover

Everything but the game itself is beeing copied!

For a real collector of Game&Watch, these copies items are worthless. Unfortunately the copies are resold on eBay. It's more and more difficult to have an overview. That's why did create a list of those items including their sellers and buyers. There is also a possibility to report auctions of copied Game&Watch items.

>> Database with a list of the copied items

>> Report auctions of copied G&W items

If you spot auctions where copied G&W items are offered, please report them, thank you!