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Versandkarton Mario's Bombs AwayIt's been a while since Game&Watch shipping boxes where sold on eBay. But now three of them where offered and sold: Donkey Kong DK-52, Mario's Cement Factory ML-102 and Mario's Bombs Away.

Versandbox Donkey Kong DK-52 The games where shipped inside these factory boxes to the distributors and toy dealers. Each shipping box holds ten games. A very common shipper is the one of Black Jack BJ-60 and Donkey Kong Hockey HK-303.
A rare one it the shipping box of Donkey Kong DK-52.
Versandkarton Mario's Cement Factory
The shipping box of Panorama Screen Mario's Bombs Away is the first one I've seen. The low price of about CHF 135,00 is amazing. A rare shipping box usually goes for about CHF 200 and 300. The shipper of DK-52 was sold for almost CHF 185,00, the one of Mario's Cement Factory for CHF 140,00.

Auction 160252162261 shipping box TB-94 (PDF 155 KB)
Auction 160252165181 shipping box DK-52 (PDF 161 KB)
Auction 160252163873 shipping box ML-102 (PDF 142 KB).