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Argentinean Parachute

Collectors of Game&Watch know, that the games were distributed worldwide. But did you know, that these famous games even were sold in Argentina?

The games from Argentina have two special and remarkable differences compared to the standard games.

First there is the box. It’s yellow and it’s not opened from the side by opening a flap, instead it has a lid which can be lifted. Inside there is another piece of carton holding the game. There is no white styrofoam inside, as we know from the standard games.

The second interesting fact is the case of the game. This Parachute PR-21 from the Wide Screen Series has a blue case. Collectors know that a Parachute normally has a brown colored case.

On the back of the game, there is no technical information imprinted on the case. The games from Argentina have a sticker there instead, holding the technical information. Unfortunately the sticker is missing on the game here, as well as the serial number.

The game here has no manual either. It’s not for sure that all games from Argentina had a manual, but why wouldn’t they? Interesting would be to know, if these games did come with the original manual written in English or if they had a translated manual in Spanish.

The back side of the box shows some games, which obviously were sold in Argentina. From the Wide Screen Series its:
  • Parachute PR-21
  • Octopus OC-22
  • Fire FR-27
  • Turtle Bridge TL-28

From the New Wide Screen Series its:

  • Donkey Kong Jr.  DJ-101
  • Mario’s Cement Factory ML-102

So far I have seen the following games on eBay:

Octopus, Fire und Chef. Well, now it’s getting interesting. The game Chef FP-24 is not shown on the back side of the box of the Parachute shown here. It’s unknown how many different Game&Watch game really made it onto the market in Argentina and how many of each…

The Argentinean Game&Watch were produced for a company called Electronica status, that’s what it reads on the back side of the box.

argentinean-parachute-01-small Argentinean Parachute Argentinean Parachute
Argentinean Parachute Argentinean Parachute Argentinean Parachute