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Series: Multi Screen
Modelnumber: OP-51
Release date: 28.05.1982
Produced: 1'250'000
Weight (unit): ca. 143g
Dimensions: Unit: ca. 116x75x23mm (LxWxH), Display: ca. 54x35mm
Content: Manual,  Styrofoam, plastic bag, Caution sheet, Warning sheet, How to play sheet (not with barcoded box edition), Battery stickers
Batteries: LR44
Description: In the game, the station helper on the upper screen catches drops of oil from a leaking pipe. Once caught, he needs to go out onto the verander and empty the bucket into his boss' oil drum. Missing a drop from the pipe or missing the boss' oil drum causes the player to lose a life. The game is unique in that the player has four lives, rather than three.