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Series: Crystal Screen
Modelnumber: BF-803
Release date: 19.11.1986
Produced: 250'000
Weight (unit): ca. 78g
Dimensions: Unit: ca. 145x62x8mm (LxWxH), Display: ca. 65x40mm
Content: Manual,  Styrofoam, plastic bag
Batteries: CR2025
Description: The goal of the game is to collect balloons and avoid sparks in order to progress through each phase. After collecting 25 balloons the phase will be over, and the player will get a chance to go to a bonus stage by landing on an island and pressing either the upper or lower "warp" buttons. In order to fly, the player must repeatedly press the "eject" button, and can move horizontally or down by pressing the respective buttons.

Every eight phases, there is a boss fight with the game's antagonist, Oiram Repus. In these fights, the player must dodge the incoming sparks while a timer counts down. If the player can survive, a short cutscene will play where the Balloon Man carries Oiram Repus off into the background. There are a total of 16 unique phases, and after phase 16 the game simply speeds up.

Collecting 20 balloons in a row without dying or missing any causes the balloons to be worth two points, and after 40 balloons in a row, the balloons are worth three points. Dying simply subtracts 100 points, and the game is over when the player runs out of points.

Many thanks to our member "Bluestone" for this gamplay description.