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  • Promo Game&Watch Parachute V.A.G Audi VW

    Promo Game&Watch Audi VW

    Parachute V.A.G / Audi / VW

    Game: Parachute PR-21, Wide Screen Series
    Logo: Audi und VW
    Company: Volkswagen AG
    Country: France
    Number of Games known: 2
    The Volkswagen AG has its headquarter in Wolfsburg (Germany) and is the world's second largest automobile manufacturer. Volkswagen AG owns brands such as Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda. Under the name VAG a common distribution platform for Audi and Volkswagen was introduced in 1978. This Game&Watch was given away in France to the sellers. The game comes with a special leaflet. The text on it is intended for the sellers and the gameplay is explained briefly. Picture 2 | Picture 3
    V.A.G Logo