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The great Nintendo Handheld Games from the 80's ...!

Bienengräber Katalog CoverA very rare find changed ownership last December: A catalog from the company Bienengräber. This over 25 pages strong catalog was given away by the company Bienengräber to their dealers. In the 80s, Bienengräber was the first Nintendo distributor in Germany.

Besides many Game&Watch games, the catalog also contains pictures and information of many other LCD games from that time.

The seller Frank Waligorski informed me, that he probably received the catalog in the 80s in a toyshop in Reutlingen. He still was a child by that time and he liked to have a Game&Watch game.

The final price of EUR 166.99 shows how rare and popular items related to Game&Watch are.

>> Link to the auction
>> Catalog as PDF

Many thanks to Frank Waligorski and to our member tille for the information and for the cooperation!